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Welcome to

South Slope Coffee

Based out of Asheville, NC this husband and wife team (Luis Hellmund and Cristina Coll) whom began their relationship through the love of coffee. Both originally from Caracas, Venezuela they have always loved coffee and believe coffee is made to be shared, to bring the community together after meals and anywhere in between! 

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Roaster & Owner Cristina Coll
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Roaster Profile

” We truly love every aspect of the coffee world, being that so many moving parts have to come together perfectly for the final product to be so delicious. Coffee is human, natural, agricultural, cultural, scientific, and a beautiful business. It is also sometimes a very hard, uncontrollable, and unfair industry so we want to be a part of the change that highlights the good business it is while helping grow communities from the farmer to the consumer. It is unfathomable how one bean affects so many lives; from the community it is grown and processed in, to the importers that ship and store it, to the roasters who make their best efforts to roast it right, to the baristas who take much care and precision to brew it the best way possible, to the consumer who learns how to brew it and enjoys it at home and finally let’s not forget the coffee shops that bring a community together. Let’s celebrate the beautiful journey of coffee. We hope that you enjoy what we do as much as we do.”

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“We purchase green coffee from some of the best farms and producers in the world. Partnering with importers that have the same ideals as us. Treating everyone with respect and fairness. All of our purchases are made sure to be sustainable, traceable, and environmentally sound.

We believe that coffee should be roasted to highlight its best natural flavors, so we do not have a cookie-cutter approach to each shipment of green coffee we receive. Through much care and experimentation, we roast each one in many different profiles to find its best flavors. The result is a cup of coffee that highlights its terroir and the quality of its picking, processing, and roasting. You will find sweetness, clarity, and balance in the cup and no roastiness, baked flavors or underdevelopment. This is why our roasts are all medium-light to medium. We roast to order so that you always receive the freshest coffee.”

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