Single Serve Cups Variety Pack – Origins


Sampler includes 3 each of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Kenya AA, Sumatra Mandheling, and Colombia Huila single-origin coffees.

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Our Keurig® compatible cups are 100% recyclable, and are fresher, stronger, and more full-flavored than the cups you find in the grocery store. Each cup is hand-filled with precision-ground coffee and tested to make a “gold cup” strength 8 oz. cup of coffee.

Enjoy a sampling of our popular single-origin single-serve cups!

Our k-cup sampler packs feature a variety of exceptional coffees so that you can try them all and find the ones you enjoy the most. We include a few of each flavor so that you can share or compare. Variety pack selections may have some coffees that change seasonally, but we always include coffees that we have available year-round.

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