Single Serve Cups Decaf Colombia


Floral, and a lemony, bright, clean sweetness.

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Our Keurig® compatible cups are 100% recyclable, and are fresher, stronger, and more full-flavored than the cups you find in the grocery store. Each cup is hand-filled with precision-ground coffee and tested to make a “gold cup” strength 8 oz. cup of coffee.

This Colombian coffee comes from a group of small farms growing Castillo and Caturra, which is washed and then decaffeinated using the sugarcane process for a clean, smooth flavor. We found notes of cherry with cane sugar and caramel.

Valle Del Cauca is located in one of the two main conservation corridors in Colombia near serrania de los paraguas. Much of the land in this region is dedicated to producing sugar cane, but a few small growers continue producing coffee from this once-prominent coffee growing region. This coffee is decaffeinated using the Sugarcane Process, removing more than 97% of the caffeine, and resulting in a sweet, pleasant flavor.

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