Rivet Sampler Pack


Build your own RIVET sample pack! Choose three amazing coffee roast from RIVET and you will receive three 4 oz sample packs from this fantastic micro roaster!



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Caravel : This hand crafted blend has awesome chocolate, almond and orange peal notes. Rivet’s most full-bodied blend, smooth and balanced. The Sumatran really adds a earthy balance and tones down the acidity.  This blend was developed and roasted for a very balanced espresso or a more robust filter preparation.

Cauca Natural Colombia: A naturally processed Coffee from Colombia!  This is a very special as most coffees from Colombia are washed.

El Aguacate Colombia: This is a very smooth and approachable single origin Colombian, a full bodied roast with hints of chocolate, lemon, cocoa and almond flavors.

Globe Trotter:  Suitable for filter or a bright espresso preparation. We built this blend to provide a lively yet balanced experience. Roasted lighter then the Caravel Blend you can detect the fruit from the Ethiopia but it’s not overwhelming. This is a good everyday cup of lively brew.

Kichwa Tembo Kenya AA: This is RIVET’s master roaster’s favorite single origin right now. It’s smooth and clean with a nice fruit finish that’s pleasant not overwhelming. Rich, juicy and sweet with big fruit and a heavy mouthfeel; lots of caramelized sugar, sugar cane juice, and cherry flavors.

Layo Taraga Ethiopia: Balanced and sweet with tart fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; lots of sugar flavor with caramel, chocolate, sugar cane juice, bergamot florals, and lime flavors artfully crafted by RIVET American Coffee Roasting.



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Rivet Sampler Pack