Project Buna Project 14: Crafted by the US Naval Academy Class of 2014


Project Buna Project 14: Crafted by the US Naval Academy Class of 2014


Project 14 was designed by the US Naval Academy Class of 2014 as one of our crowd crafted coffee projects. Over the course of several weeks in the fall of 2020, members of the Class of 2014 took part in a curated, exclusive experience including behind-the-scenes content and actual decision-making that produced a truly unique product. In a series of decisions, the group chose to source their coffee from the Eastern Hemisphere, from Vietnam, and from this specific SHG Lotus lot. The group picked out the bag color and designed a custom label that includes the class crest, custom artwork from a member of the class, and special words such as lines from the school song “Blue and Gold.” We are excited to share Project 14 with the public and with all those affiliated with the Naval Academy and the Class of 2014. Read more about our proprietary crowd crafted model, where you can also request an experience for your own group!

This is Project Buna’s second ever crowd crafted coffee! What does that mean? Read all about it here.

Donny’s Notes: Toasted Almond, Light Chocolate, Banana, Pear
Mike’s Notes: Cloves, Cinnamon, Walnuts, Pineapple, Raspberry


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Quality cherries from selected farms are harvested during the season and pulped in environmentally friendly Colombian Penagos machinery, which has the capability of separating out green and inferior quality cherries. The coffee cherries are then fermented and washed with careful monitoring at each stage of processing to ensure that the intrinsic quality of the beans are retained during the process. The dried parchment is conditioned and stored in warehouses in the cool environment of Lam Dong, and later hulled just in time for shipment to ensure that quality and freshness of the coffee is retained.


Our importing partner Novus Coffee Import and their parent company Mercon Coffee Group sponsor the LIFT initiative with an aim to improve coffee through direct support to the producers.

The program provides training and technical assistance to new producers every year that is built around our three pillars: productivity, environment, and social development. Training is given by highly qualified Mercon agronomists, and includes courses around coffee plant physiology and nutrition, protection and recovery of water resources, farm and pest management, and financial literacy, just to name a few. Additionally, through LIFT we are able to offer interconnected services from plantation renovations to financing.

Learn more about the LIFT sustainability effort here.


The cohort members included Mike Madrid, Tanner Anjola, Clif Luber, Marshall Liu, Alexander Yachanin, Michael Zittrauer, Zachary Braida, David Williams, Lauren Hendrix, Marissa Milliken, Anthony Pinto, Eric Madden, Chris Pagan, Veronica Ffrench, Stephanie Lasch, Payton Alsup, Lenue Gilchrist, Chelsea Smith, Taylor Frantom, Benjamin Derathe, Jared Wilson, Morgan Tilley, Remington Roth, Kalli Schulz, Nathalie Pauwels, Emily Wilkin, Daniel Huber, Teronda Brown, William Mayo, Samantha Carl, Jack Dembowski, Mike Larson, Brett Beeson, Matthew Salo, Kenneth Pittner, Robert Atkinson, and Christa Kamon.

Roasted by Project Buna

Check out our latest interview with Mike & Donny here.

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Country of Origin


 1400 – 2000 MASL


Cau Dat, Dalat

Farm Information

Cooperative, LIFT Program


SHG Lotus

Processing Method



Mercon Specialty

Roaster Location


Roast Level

Light, Medium


Roast on Tuesdays

Ground Type

Whole Bean

Package Size

12 oz


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Project 14: Crafted by the US Naval Academy Class of 2014
Project Buna Project 14: Crafted by the US Naval Academy Class of 2014