Project 75: Crowd Crafted Coffee


Donny’s Notes: Baker’s chocolate, preserved lemon, baking spices
Mike’s Notes: Snickers Bars (chocolate, caramel, peanut combo)
The Crew’s Notes: Reese’s Cups, dark chocolate, rye whiskey


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Project 75 is our first ever crowd crafted coffee! What does that mean?

The mission behind Project Buna is to make great coffee more accessible to everyone.  When we started our coffee journey, we couldn’t have imagined the variables that go into a good cup of coffee.  We have learned a lot over the last few years, and that journey of discovery is one of the things we want to share with the world. “Crowd-sourced” and “collaborative” are not common words in coffee roasting, but we developed a new concept that we haven’t seen anywhere else. Over the course of several weeks, we curated an experience for a small cohort of project members that included behind-the-scenes content and actual decision-making that resulted in a product that is truly theirs. We call this crowd crafted coffee. The first-ever such experience was Project 75, which brought the USS DONALD COOK crew together again. The Navy ship is an integral part of our own origin story, so what better group to assemble for our first ever community-based project! Together, we designed and produced our very own coffee.

The cohort members included: Donny Brazeal, Mike Madrid, Fred Hendricks, Tom Stilley, Branson Machen, Cam Massey, Rachel Berger, Tayler Davidson, Sean Scales, Jocelyn Addeo, David Bedard, Brian Schmid, John Haney, Stephen Potter, Shane Ralph, John Morgan, Jessica Mills, Grace Howard, Kate Rosenberg, Abigail Kaiser, and Nathan Calcamuggio.

The cohort members had access to a private chat group and a private webpage that was continuously updated with voting and other features throughout the length of the project. The final product was a delicious Mexican coffee, sourced from Veracruz and roasted with a medium-dark profile, and sealed up in a brand new unique package.

Roasted by Project Buna

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Country of Origin


1350 MASL



Farm Name

José Cienfuegos

Farm Information

Single Origin


Bourbon, Garnica

Processing Method

Washed, dried with a mechanical dryer, fermented in concrete tanks

Roaster Location


Roast Level



Roast on Tuesdays

Ground Type

Whole Bean


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Project 75: Crowd Crafted Coffee