Project 17: Ethiopia


Donny’s Notes: Slight Clove, Easy Drinking Chocolates
Mike’s Notes: Dark Chocolate, Cacao Nibs. Spices like cinnamon sticks. Cozied up with the family in front of a fire.
Bag size: 12 oz


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The Jimma zone of southwest Ethiopia used to be known for low-quality, dry- processed coffees that sold at the lowest rates. Coffees from the area were called ‘Jimma 5’ for infamously containing all 5 major coffee defects that come from farming problems: overripe beans (foxies), underripe beans (quakers), cracked beans, insect-eaten beans, and over-fermented, or rotten beans (stinkers). With the help of TechnoServe’s Coffee Initiative, about 115 farmers formed the Duromina Cooperative and purchased a wet mill in 2010.

Just two years later, Duromina coffee won the African Fine Coffee Association’s Taste of Harvest competition for Ethiopia. This was a huge achievement that allowed the coop to repay bank loans and get money directly back to farmers in almost record time. ‘Duromina’ roughly translates to ‘improve our lives’ or ‘make more money’ – clearly it worked.

The Duromina Cooperative is one of the largest coops in the Kata Muduga Union. It receives cherry from 329 union members, of whom 75 are women. These coffees are processed at one of three sites, each of which supplies drying beds and a wet mill.


Ethiopian coffee plants represent wide genetic diversity: there are between 6 and 10,000 coffee varieties found across the country. These ‘landrace’ varieties have adapted to regional climates: the varieties found in Jimma will likely be different from those in Yirgacheffe to the southeast, which are different from those in Guji to the northwest, and so on. Many of them have not yet been classified, and even more to the point, traceability of lots in Ethiopia has been difficult or impossible until recent years, so we call them ‘landrace’ as an umbrella term referring to locally adapted varieties originally selected from wild coffee plants of Ethiopian forests.

Roasted by Project Buna

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Country of Origin


1900-2100 MASL



Farm Information

Cooperative, Regional


Ethiopian Heirloom, Landtrace

Processing Method

Fully Washed

Roaster Location


Roast Level



Roast on Tuesdays

Ground Type

Whole Bean


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Project 17
Project 17: Ethiopia