Mexican Altura Pluma


Mexico has a varied landscape with rainforests, long beaches on both sides of the country, deserts,
high plateaus and mountains with rich volcanic soil, perfect for growing coffee.
Mexico is a top exporter of coffee and the number one exporter to the United States. It provides
income to about two million people throughout the country. Coffee arrived in the country in the late
18th century, brought in by the Spanish. Previously gold and silver were the main commodities of the
country by in 1950, skyrocketing prices of coffee encourage the growth of the industry and
established Mexico as a primary supplier. However Mexican coffee was not without its growing pains
and struggled through the 1990s and early 2000s.
Mexico is home to a variety of wildlife. Spider monkeys thrive in groups there, along with prairie dogs
and grey wolves. An abundance of colorful tropical birds, ocelots, jaguar, snakes and tarantulas call
Mexico home.
Our Mexican is grown on the high slopes in the area of Chiapas and Oaxaca in the Southeastern
region. Small family farms harvest the coffee in October and continue through March then combine
their offerings before it is sold.
Being a high grown coffee (Altura Pluma), specialty Mexican coffee can withstand the higher
temperatures of a dark roast but the subtleties of Mexican are best sampled in a lighter roast. It has
a light acidity, giving it an almost sweet taste with delicate fruit and spice notes. Our Mexican is
known for the subtleties of creamsicle, cashew butter and cocoa. It is graded European Prep (EP),
allowing only 8 defects per 300 grams. Defects can be small stones, sticks, deformed beans or other
anomalies. EP is the highest standard for grading. The coffee is fully washed of the fruity pulp
before drying. The washed processing brings out the acidity and gives the coffee a clean taste. It
makes a great blending coffee but is also delicious on its own.


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Whole Bean, Ground – Extra Coarse (Cold Brew / Percolator), Ground – Coarse (French Press), Ground – Medium (Chemex / Pour-over/ Drip)


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Mexican Altura Pluma