Kipunji Monkey Single Cups

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Fuzzy Monkey shakes it up with this washed and sun dried Tanzanian Peaberry light roast with subtle notes of black tea  chocolate,  blackberry, kiwi, and a perfect lemony acidity that rounds out this balanced yet complex roast.

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ALTITUDE: 1,400 – 1,800 M

VARIETAL: N & KP, Kent, Bourbon

PROCESSING: Washed, Sun Dried

CUPPING NOTES: black tea notes, chocolate notes, blackberry notes, kiwi notes, lemony acidity, sweet, balanced, complex

Peaberry beans are unique – usually, only between 1% and 9% of the beans from a harvest are classified as Peaberry. This simply means that the berry grew by itself, rather than in a pair. Most coffee bean pairs grow in close proximity, creating that flat side and a curved side. Peaberry beans occur when the bean grows by itself, becoming round and fuller. Peaberry beans have twice the nutrients and flavor of a single, normal coffee bean.

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