This is a versatile Indian specialty coffee that tastes good at different roast levels. We chose a lighter medium roast profile to showcase the clean, crisp fruit flavors that are well complemented by a caramel sweetness. Tastes like peanut brittle and malt chocolate with a fruity tart aftertaste.



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Kerkeicoondah Estate is located in the Chikmagalur district, within the state of Karnataka, India. One of the two Arabica coffee plantations owned by the Mammen family, the estate has been managed by the family for three generations. The coffee is shade-grown and inter-cropped with pepper, cocoa, and cardamom.

Roasted by Kaveri Coffee

Kaveri Brew Guide:
Best as a Filter brew. The French Press will bring out the body and maintain the smoothness, while a Drip or Pourover balances the fruit acidity and sweetness with a good body.
French Press: 15g coffee, coarse grind + 226g water @ 200F -> bloom for 45s and then brew for 3.5 mins.
Pourover: 14g coffee, medium grind + 226g water @ 200F -> bloom for 45s and then brew for 3 mins. Our favorite pourover is Kalita wave for this coffee.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Country of Origin


1200 MASL

Farm Name

Kerkeicoondah Estate

Farm Information

Single Origin



Processing Method

Fully Washed, Sun Dried, Washed

Roaster Location


Roast Level

Light, Medium


Special Availability Only

Ground Type

Whole Bean, Ground – Fine (Espresso), Ground – Medium (Pour-over/ Drip)

Package Size

12 oz, 5 lb


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