Kaveri Taster Set


New to Indian or Kaveri coffee? Don’t know which one to pick? Try them all!



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We would love to give you a full introduction to the rich flavors of Indian coffees with our current offerings:

The sample pack includes a total of three bags of coffee (selected size). The individual coffee is hand-roasted to bring out the inherent bean flavors that reflect their origins and best overall taste in your cup. Click on the links above to get flavor notes, brew guides and origin details for each coffee.

The Verano blend is made up of 50% Indian and 50% Honduras coffee.

Sourced from Kerkeicoondah Estate in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, this farm is thoughtfully managed by the Mammen family for three generations. The traditional shade-growing method is used and coffee is inter-cropped with other spices that yield a complex flavor profile.

For this blend, the coffee is roasted light to keep the citrus acidity with a well-developed body. It adds the brightness and cardamom sweetness for the summer blend.

Café Organico Marcala, S.A. (COMSA) is a cooperative of more than 1,500 coffee producers. Known as Finca Humana (the Human Farm), living in harmony with nature is the foundational philosophy of the COMSA producer-members. They put a huge emphasis on education, training, innovation, and development of sustainable agricultural practices and consistent quality coffee production.

The coffee is roasted to a medium level and lends the sweet base note and silky texture to the blend

Kerkeicoondah Estate is located in the Chikmagalur district, within the state of Karnataka, India. One of the two Arabica coffee plantations owned by the Mammen family, the estate has been managed by the family for three generations. The coffee is shade-grown and inter-cropped with pepper, cocoa, and cardamom.

The Arabidacool Estate is located near the foothills of Baba Budangiri, the birthplace of Arabica coffee in India. The estate covers 142 hectares with a distinct micro-climate that is reflected in the cup profile. Coffee is grown in a biodiverse ecosystem under a thick canopy of old-growth trees that enriches the coffee flavor and maintains the natural forest environment. They are leaders in sustainable agriculture and social responsibility with certification from Rainforest Alliance and SA8000® Standard.

Roasted by Kaveri Coffee


Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Country of Origin



1300 – 1700  MASL, 1300 MASL

Farm Name

Arabidacool Estate, Kerkeicoondah Estate

Farm Information

Single Origin, Smallholders


Kents, S-4345/HDT XC, S-795, SLN 6

Processing Method

Fully Washed, Sun Dried, Washed

Roaster Location


Roast Level

Light, Medium


Special Availability Only

Ground Type

Whole Bean, Ground – Fine (Espresso), Ground – Medium (Pour-over/ Drip)

Package Size

6 oz, 12 oz


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6 oz trio Kaveri
Kaveri Taster Set
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