Javier Fernandez Santa Barbara Honduras

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This South Slope Coffee micro lot is a wonderful washed 100% Yellow Catuai with deep citrus notes of nectarine, lime peel, and tropical fruit. A bright coffee to start your day!


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Farm: Don Andres #2

Altitude: 1600 MASL

Varietal: 100% Yellow Catuai

Process: Washed

Notes: Nectarine, Lime Peel, Tropical Fruit

100% Arabica

South Slope Coffee is thrilled to be able to source Javier’s coffee for a second year! We are looking forward to a long standing relationship with him. This is a spectacular, meticulously processed and yummy coffee. And to makes things better it is even tastier than last years! We thank Javier for such a spectacular job and for bettering his farming practices to produce such good coffee year after year.

This is an exceptional example of what a great Honduran coffee is. Complex fruitiness and a well balanced cup.

Javier processes his coffee at his family’s wet mill, in Las Flores, right where the farm is located. He picks the cherries and depulps them on the same day and the fermentation time is between 12-24 hours. Javier dries his coffee in parabolic driers, with enough ventilation to extend drying time to 12-15 days. He is a third generation farmer and inherited this farm in 1997.

The 2019 lot was from the late harvest and is 100% Yellow Catuaí. This coffee was picked from March to May and comes from a plantation located at the highest section of his farm, right next to Isaias’.

Javier’s farm is close to Las Flores. The villages Cielito, Cedral and Las Flores follow one after another along the mountain range in Santa Barbara. Grown on this hillside is mostly Pacas, a coffee species akin to Bourbon, as well as Yellow Catuaí and Pacamara. It is challenging to process coffee cherries in areas like these, which are close to the jungle and thus, to rain. The drying process, in particular, is especially demanding. But when these processes are precisely controlled, seemingly problematic factors (like drying under challenging conditions) are what make coffee from this area particularly interesting. The coffee produced here cups with flavor attributes not found anywhere else in Central America.

Photos by Tuuka Koski


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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 11.5 in

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Whole Bean, Ground – Coarse (French Press), Ground – Fine (Espresso), Ground – Medium (Pour-over/ Drip), Ground – Medium Fine (Aeropress)


12 oz

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North Carolina


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Javier Fernandez Santa Barbara Honduras
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