These coffee beans from A Beautiful Bean Coffee Co. are so special because of the altitudes at which they are grown and the philosophies behind the people that grow them. These Strictly High Grown beans are grown at altitudes over 4200 feet. Because of the temperatures, coffee grown at this elevation develops more slowly, which means more nutrients are delivered to the bean resulting in a healthier more nutrient dense bean with more flavor. Strictly High Grown(SHG) and Strictly Hard Bean(SHB) are terms that are used interchangeably for these high altitude beans, and they are highly sought after because they are considered some of the best and most flavorful coffee beans on earth. Our Honduras coffee beans are sourced from Café Organico Marcala, S.A. (COMSA) They focus on the well being of their farmers and teaching them to live in harmony with nature. What makes their coffee beans so good? Their meticulous hand sorting of the coffee cherry, cherry floating to remove the less dense and poorer quality coffee beans, proper fermentation, long drying times and their COMSA philosophy. We take it from there and roast the beans to their medium/dark level of perfection to bring out the hints of caramel, spices and brown sugar. We think you will love this amazing Honduras Coffee.


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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Country of Origin


1600 -2000 MASL

Processing Method

Fully Washed, Sun Dried

Roaster Location


Farm Information

Café Organico Marcala, Single Origin

Roast Level

Dark, Medium


Roasted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Ground Type

Ground – Coarse (French Press), Ground – Fine (Espresso), Whole Bean, Ground – Medium (Pour-over/ Drip)


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