ītiyop’iyani yasisu (Explore Ethiopia)

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“ītiyop’iyani yasisu” which is Amharic for “Explore Ethiopia” is a bi-weekly subscription tour of coffee sourced directly from the birth place of coffee.

The roots of coffee run deeper in Ethiopia than any other place in the world. The amazing variety of  plant types combined with perfect growing conditions result in some of the most delicious and adventurous coffee available.   Every two weeks you will receive a different Ethiopian coffee roasted by a different coffee micro batch coffee roaster.

This subscription will roast the first Tuesday after you place your order and then will automatically generate you a new order every other Tuesday.

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Depending on your source, estimates range between 200 and 2000 different varieties of coffee are growing in Ethiopia today. Historically Ethiopia is considered the birth place of coffee. Spreading across Africa and South West Asia before being taking around the world by European colonization. Coffee is produce in five major regions, each with some distinctive characteristics and processing methods.

Most green coffee is sourced from cooperatives of small farms, collected at centralized processing stations then sold as mixed lots by regions. The more famous of the regions are Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, and Harrar.

There was no question which country would be our first to have it’s very own Roaster’s Marketplace subscription. Currently you can go for over six months with out repeating a roast! We will be working on getting more in the mean time!









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Weight 12 oz
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Whole Bean

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1, 2


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ītiyop’iyani yasisu (Explore Ethiopia)
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