Colombia Finca Las Veraneras Microlot


Sugary, sweet and citric with caramel, toffee, rich cocoa, lemon and red grapefruit flavors are abundant in this fine micro lot.



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When I asked my account rep to send me samples of fresh microlots, I wasn’t really thinking about Colombian coffees. After all, I had already purchased an amazing honey-processed Colombian for this year’s special selection. But when I tasted this washed coffee from Roasting Elvira Ramos’ farm, I was beside myself! I really have never tasted a Colobian coffee quite like it. Rosa owns a farm called Veraneras, where she grows Colombia variety coffee. She’s also a member of Asociación Los Naranjos, a group I have purchased coffee from over the past few years and have always been pleased with. This one, however, is really quite outstanding and I am please to offer it to you.

Asociación Los Naranjos was founded by a tight-knit group of farmers in the area surrounding the town of San Agustín, Huila. Despite the small size of the farms—2.5 hectares or less, on average—and the fact that most producers grow fewer than 12,000 trees, the coffees coming from Los Naranjos have consistently been some of the best and brightest on the cupping table, year after year. The farmers also have a very close kinship with one another and share information easily among their fellow growers: The overall philosophy among Los Naranjos is that anything that improves the lot for one producer can improve the lot for all—which also means that individual discipline and attention to detail on the small farms can have a very strong impact on the group.

These days, Los Naranjos’s producers are relying more and more on a combination of modern technology such as pH and Brix meters, along with traditional and sustainable methods of farming that have been passed down through the generations of their families.

Roasted by Evansville Coffee

Find out more about Tim and his amazing coffee on this episode of the Common Grounds Podcast!


Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Country of Origin






1600 to 1900 MASL

Farm Information

Farm Traceable

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Processing Method


Roaster Location



Roasts to Order

Roast Level


Ground Type

Ground – Coarse (French Press), Whole Bean, Ground – Fine (Espresso), Ground – Medium (Pour-over/ Drip), Ground – Medium Fine (Aeropress)

Package Size

12 oz


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Colombia Finca Las Veraneras Microlot