Chica Bean Sampler 3 Pack


Build your own Chica Bean sample pack! Choose three amazing coffee roast from Chica Bean and you will receive three 3 oz sample packs from this fantastic micro roaster!



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Dark Roast: With the dark roast, we were able to achieve a high caramelization of the sugars contained in the grain naturally. This high caramelization allows exposing sweet flavors of vanilla, caramel, honey, orange and dark chocolate. The body of your cup will be creamy, strong and with a prolonged aftertaste. This coffee is ideal if you want to stop consuming sugar with your coffee, it is so sweet that you do not need sugar or any other additive, the beans grown by the Chica Bean producers are so good that the results are exceptional.

Natural: It is this ideal natural disposition that led Chica Bean to develop our Natural processed coffee. The microclimates throughout the land have created conditions around Jalapa ideal for the 30 day drying period, making processing easier for producers, leaving less of an environmental footprint, and creating an exceptional experience. This unique drying process gives the coffee notes of balanced fruit with a tartness that shines from the background and a sweetness that leaves you wanting more.

Honey Processed: Sweet and smooth, bright and ever so vibrant, Chica Bean’s Honey processed coffee embodies the spirit of the golden elixir it’s named after. Developed as a way to take advantage of the unique microclimates of Guatemala, save water throughout processing, and help our female producers spend less time working away from their families, every bag of Honey processed beans explodes with exciting aromas and unique flavors. While no honey is actually used in the production of Chica Bean’s Honey processed coffee, the natural fruity sweetness and extraordinary finish that is achieved through this process can be addictive.

Espresso: Emerging from a challenge to prepare an incredible Guatemalan grown espresso, Chica Bean’s producers stepped up and excelled. Using the same exceptional beans that are used for the House Specialty, Evelin, our master roaster, discovered the magical toast that yields a divine espresso. Characterized by creaminess and balance with a sweet, caramel finish, enjoy this espresso as a pure, stand-alone shot or indulge in a lush dream of your favorite espresso-based milk treat.

Specialty Medium: The original force that started it all, this delightful cup was the inspiration for Chica Bean. It was through this captivating brew, full of balanced body with rich dark chocolate, sweet orange, and brown sugar swirls, that we realized these women from Jalapa, Guatemala weren’t producing just any old cup of coffee; they’re creating something special. The only thing that may be even more delectable than actually drinking this coffee is the knowledge that this quality is transforming the community, opening opportunities, and empowering “chicas”.

Best Batch:  Everyday our producers strive to better themselves, their families, and their coffee. Our Best Batch pays homage to the efforts these women are putting forth and is our way of helping you celebrate their growth with them.The concept is straightforward: upon receiving the green beans from all the producers, we have each harvest graded. The woman whose washed coffee gets the highest score is chosen for that period’s Best Batch. This woman is not only recognized as Chica Bean’s Best Batch but she also receives an additional 20% quality incentive. Through Chica Bean’s Best Batch, we ensure producers are being directly rewarded for growing high-quality coffee and that you, our customer, are enjoying the absolute best that our Chica’s are creating.



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Chica Bean Sampler 3 Pack