Bali Kintamani Natural (Golden Bean Award Winner)

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Evansville Coffee Co.’s Golden Bean Award winning single origin Bali Kintamani. A very exotic, fruity, smooth, low acidity and fuller bodied coffee.


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Very exotic, fruity, smooth, low acidity and fuller bodied. The eruption of the Gunung Agung Volcano in 1963 caused a delay in the progress of modern-day coffee cultivation in Indonesia, causing the government to enact programs in the 1970?s and 1980?s to help rejuvenate coffee production. With the distribution of coffee seedlings to local farmers, an island-wide coffee growing campaign in Bali began. Today, the coffee growing area in Bali is an estimated 7,500 hectares.

The Kintamani highlands, where most coffee is grown, sits atop a large volcanic plateau between 1,300-1,700 meters above sea level. Coffee tree varieties include a high percentage of Bourbon and Typica, along with shade trees such as Erythrina, Albizia, tangerine and orange. The use of pesticides is prohibited on Bali and all fertilizers are 100% organic.The Subak Abian is a traditional farming structure organization in Bali, similar to a farmer cooperative.

There are 13 different Subak Abians that are currently growing and processing coffee. The ?SA? oversee both agricultural technology and religious activities. The promotion of improved coffee growing practices is expected to enhance not only agricultural technology but social and economic standing in Bali as well.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz

Roasts to Order

Country of Origin

Farm Information

Organic, Single Origin

Ground Type

Whole Bean, Ground – Coarse (French Press), Ground – Medium (Pour-over/ Drip)

Roast Level

Light, Medium

Processing Method

Natural Processed

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Bali Kintamani Natural (Golden Bean Award Winner)
$19.00 available on subscription Select options