Arabidacool Estate


Flavor notes include apricot, dark chocolate, and hints of jasmine. Clean silky texture, balanced acidity with a sweet aftertaste.



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The Arabidacool Estate is located near the foothills of Baba Budangiri, the birthplace of Arabica coffee in India. The estate covers 142 hectares with a distinct micro-climate that is reflected in the cup profile. Coffee is grown in a biodiverse ecosystem under a thick canopy of old-growth trees that enriches the coffee flavor and maintains the natural forest environment. They are leaders in sustainable agriculture and social responsibility with certification from Rainforest Alliance and SA8000® Standard.

Roasted by Kaveri Coffee

Kaveri Brew Guide:Good for Filter & Espresso.
Our favorite brew method is the Chemex to get the crisp acidity and subtle fruit/floral notes. As an espresso, this coffee is smooth, chocolatey, nutty, and just delicious in the cup!
Chemex: 20g coffee, medium-coarse grind + 300g water @ 200F -> bloom for 45s and then brew for 3.5 mins.
Espresso: Optimal brew ratio 1:2 – 21g in – 47g out, brewed over 36s.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Country of Origin


1300 MASL

Farm Name

Arabidacool Estate

Farm Information

Single Origin


Kents, S-4345/HDT XC, S-795, SLN 6

Processing Method

Fully Washed, Sun Dried, Washed

Roaster Location


Roast Level



Special Availability Only

Ground Type

Whole Bean, Ground – Fine (Espresso), Ground – Medium (Pour-over/ Drip)


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Arabidacool Estate
Arabidacool Estate