American Woman Coffee Colombia Lo Mejor De Monserrate Cupping Champion


An award winning micro lot offering from American Woman Coffee with notes of red currant, sugar cane, and clove. A smooth and balanced light roast perfect for a special occasion or a lazy Saturday morning.


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This is the rare find, even among specialty coffees.

A lot of things have to happen exactly right for the coffee in your cup to be this good: the quality of soil, the weather during the growing season, the pickers who pick fully-ripe coffee “cherries”, how those cherries are handled and processed, when the beans are finally extracted from the pulp of the cherry, the way that bean is roasted, and finally the way it is brewed. Each one of these steps is part science and part art.

These beans began their journey on Nora Nellie Pillimue Farm in Monserrate, Colombia under the careful cultivation of a woman-operated collective. Nora Nellie Pillimue is consistently on the list of finalists in coffee competitions. It is part of a Columbian coffee renaissance that began with the 2016 Peace Accord between the Colombian government and the FARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) revolutionaries. This renaissance has opened the door to a new generation of motivated young growers who are technologically savvy and prepared to apply scientific knowledge to growing and processing.

Roasted for American Woman Coffee

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Country of Origin






1800 MASL

Farm Name

Nora Nellie Pillimue Farm

Farm Information

Farmer Direct, Single Origin, Woman Owned

Processing Method

Rasied Beds, Sun Dried

Roaster Location


Roast Level



Roasted Monday – Thursday

Package Size

12 oz


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American Woman Coffee Colombia Lo Mejor De Monserrate Cupping Champion