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Cafe Kreyól’s Mission:
We experienced life at its darkest – poverty, hopelessness, and even imprisonment. With changed hearts, we developed a desire to become a face of hope and redemption. While utilizing our survival skills and a few “non-accredited” business skills, our story began…

In January 2012, we traveled from Northern Virginia, to the most poverty stricken country in the Western Hemisphere. There we bought motorcycles, and scouted out the coffee growing regions. Soon we found an heirloom variety of Arabica known as Typica and another called Arabica Blue Mountain. Being the same variety as Jamaican Blue Mountain, we found the coffee to have a sweet taste and a unique smoothness, that created a serene cupping experience. We shared our vision of sustainable employment with local growers and soon established a Direct Trade business model. This Direct Trade system, that is now the backbone of Cafe Kreyol, believes that quality and sustainability are parallel. We believe farmers should get paid based on the quality of their product and we practice this belief by paying up to 300% higher wages than what Fair Trade requires. Our story continues as we work to alleviate poverty in rural coffee growing regions, one cup at a time.