"Someone once told me that its better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb then half way up one you don't want to be on. I've made my first large step by stepping off my old ladder and lining myself up at he bottom of this new adventure. " - Kevin Smith

Kevin Beansmith

Kevin Smith of Beansmith Roasting

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Every good batch of coffee starts from the coffee bean plant itself. With a wide range of distributors, anyone is able to purchase fresh green beans from all over the world to start the roasting process. “

“We are a crazy crew of side-hustlers and are excited to embark on this journey in providing one of our loves to you…COFFEE! Katelynn and I are taking the leap into owning our own business and living out a dream of mine that I’ve had for years. Building relationships is important to my day to day and with this opportunity I hope to be able to keep close to those customers I’ve built relationships with over the past 9 years in my previous career. As an artist and dreamer I know Portland, OR is the only place where this could be solidified.”

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