Bean Hoppers

"We curate single origin, 100% Specialty graded Arabica beans from around the world, carefully selected and ethically sourced."

Bean Hoppers

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“”We started Bean Hoppers because we could not find the quality of coffee we were looking for. Where we live, there is a coffee shop on every street corner, and sometimes they’re across the street from one another! After visiting pretty much EVERY coffee shop in town, in search of great coffee, we found a few shops that were pretty good… but not amazing. The beans we took home were mostly just average or below. With our busy lifestyle, stopping at the coffee shop to buy beans became just another errand we didn’t have time for.  “

“I don’t really like the word connoisseur… I’m don’t like claiming I’m an “expert”, because although I’ve been brewing coffee at home for about 30 years, and have above average knowledge of coffee, I still learn new tips and tricks all the time. There doesn’t seem to be an end to this science experiment. Let’s just say I’m a discriminating coffee lover who knows enough about coffee to bore you for hours, and leave it there. I previously owned a coffee company where I taught people all about coffee, proper grinding, brewing and storing. We also provided office coffee service providing specialty coffee and equipment to commercial clients. Through many big life events, the business was dissolved. But as an entrepreneur at heart, I always knew I would find my way back to what I love. Coffee. I absorb it. I admire the science and the challenge. I love all of the aspects of the industry, and the people in the industry are very genuine and interesting everywhere you go. I really am all about people and connections. Coffee is social, and that’s totally my thing. So let’s make some coffee and chat over coffee soon!”   –  Milinda AKA The Coffee Bean Queen

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