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I had such a good time talking with Jose from The Tomball Press Podcast. It was nice to be able to sit down and talk to a fellow combat Veteran about our shared experiences, business, and of course coffee.



Our founder and the visionary behind Roaster’s Marketplace, Chris is a 13-year Veteran of the U.S. Army where he served in many roles. From being a Team leader and Squad leader through multiple combat deployments to training new Soldiers as a Basic Training Drill Sergeant. Chris left the service int 2013 to pursue a family and college education. He graduated with Honors from Sam Houston State University in December of 2016. Since then Chris has built experience in social media management, web design, logistics, and launched multiple successful marketing campaigns in a variety of industries. He also is a published writer and photographer with articles in several nationally published lifestyle magazines. In between all of this he spends most of his time caring for two small children, cooking delicious meals, and brewing coffee.

“Roaster’s Marketplace will offer the best selection, best quality, and freshest roasted coffee in one place—offering ease in selection and purchase our clients. We will make a global experience possible by connecting local roasters to local consumers in a single, well-organized site offering transparency, variety, and incentives our customers.”


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