A Beautiful Bean

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“Here at A Beautiful Bean Coffee Company we believe that just like a tiny little coffee bean, you hold so much more potential inside than you or anyone else can imagine. You are strong, bold and full of goodness that just needs to be realized and used to change the world around you.”

“We are committed to bringing you the best coffee experience possible.  We purchase only the highest quality, organic coffee beans, directly from the farmers that grow them.  We small batch roast our coffee beans, never more than 10 lbs at a time, so that we can control the quality and roast level to deliver a truly artisanal, craft coffee experience.  We do not roast your coffee beans until you place your order, and we ship them the same day so they arrive to you at the peak of freshness. You will not find this level of freshness on a grocery store shelf, and we think you will notice the difference!!”

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